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Opportunities, Goals, and Support

Article 15-A sets forth guidelines and mandates aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion in public procurement and contracting processes. It focuses on increasing opportunities for MWBEs to participate in government contracts, establishing certification criteria, setting goals for MWBE participation, requiring good faith efforts by contractors and agencies, monitoring MWBE utilization, and providing outreach and technical assistance programs to support MWBEs.


Unveiling the Local Business Advantage

Learn more about the benefits and requirements of being recognized as a local business by visiting

Local Business Enterprise
Learn more about the benefits and requirements of being recognized as a local business by visiting
Minority Business Enterprise
Discover how minority-owned businesses can obtain certification and access opportunities by visiting
Women Business Enterprise
Gain insights into the world of women-owned businesses and their certification process by visiting
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Explore the resources and support available for disadvantaged businesses through certification at
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business
Discover how service-disabled veteran-owned businesses can access opportunities and resources by visiting

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Additional Acronyms to Understand

DVBE : Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise
SBE : Small Business Enterprise
HUBZone : Historically Underutilized Business Zone
NAICS :North American Industry Classification System
SBA : Small Business Administration
COBID : Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (Oregon)
CCR : Central Contractor Registration
SAM : System for Award Management
WBENC :Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
SDO : Small Disadvantaged Business
SCA : Small Contractor Administrator
NMSDC : National Minority Supplier Development Council
VBE :Veteran Business Enterprise
D/M/WBE : Disadvantaged/Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise
NYS MWBE :New York State Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise
EEO : Equal Employment Opportunity
FAR : Federal Acquisition Regulation